Our Services

At Wilco Data, our team of experts work with you and your team directly to increase revenue and savings, and minimize risk through the 340B program. To do that we offer 340B program consulting and comprehensive turn key solutions with a strong focus on the health of the entire healthcare system in the community, from the entity to the pharmacy, and ultimately to your patients.

Our services cover your entity from initial set up and claims processing through invoicing and collections to ensure profitability, compliance, and expanded patient services.

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Our team will guide your entity through the enrollment and registration processes, step by step.


Our team will work on your behalf with pharmacies that are not participating in your program in order to get them enrolled/registered and increase your revenue. We can manage this entire process from contract and negotiations through daily maintenance and billing. 

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We work directly with your staff to ensure understanding and compliance needs of the 340B program through regular audits, reporting and training. 


We set regular meetings to review performance of your 340B program. We make sure to keep you updated on financials by contract pharmacy/clinic location, monitor health of the program, and discuss legislative updates. 

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Wilco Data can generate an array of reports depending on the needs of the covered entity / contract pharmacy. Our level of personal interaction and partnership reflects our commitment to having a vested interest in producing successful outcomes for all parties involved. Our high touch approach allows us to attain the goals of program compliance and better access to patient care. 

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Often overlooked as one of the most important issues affecting program compliance, revenue, and patient care, inventory control measures are a vital aspect of your 340B program. Proper monitoring goes beyond deciding which inventory replacement model should be utilized. Inventory processes…This is one of the keys to a successful program and contract pharmacy partnership. We work very closely with the pharmacy to ensure that they are aware of accumulations and understand the flow of product. 

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Wilco Data takes the burden of AR off of your staff by handling all pharmacy billing and collections. 


We work closely with you to design your 340B program specifically for your entity, your pharmacy partners, and your patients. 

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Through analysis, discover additional streams of revenue to improve the hospital’s bottom line and your patient’s access to healthcare. 


Our team works hand and hand with your pharmacy partners on a daily basis to ensure their understanding and satisfaction with the program. Pharmacies contact Wilco Data directly which frees up your staff to care 
for your patients.